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Child Immunization Services

Child Care Mohali aims to give your kid the care he/she deserves. We provide the best protection against infectious diseases. Our pediatrician ensures that children are protected from infancy, through their teenage years and on to adulthood. You may wish to immunize your child against flu this winter or find one medical practice to administer all your vaccination requirements. Whatever your requirements are, we can definitely help you. We always provide the most cost effective and efficient way to deliver your vaccination program.

Our immunization team in Mohali delivers routine Immunization programs to children at our clinic in Mohali. The team also administers vaccinations within these regions to babies identified at risk of developing various health problems. Regular vaccinations help you keep your child away from the various infections, and are administered as one of the safest and best methods of disease prevention. Due to the strong belief and hard work of Dr Prabhjeet Kaur in vaccinations, we are well known for our excellent services in Mohali.

Some good reason to have your child vaccinated

  • These are quick, safe and extremely effective.
  • Your child's body can fight against a disease in a better way.
  • If a child isn't vaccinated, they're at higher risk of catching a disease.

Find out about vaccine safety

You can find out more about the child immunization at Child Care Mohali. Contact us for more information.