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Child Nutritionist in Mohali

Nutrition may be seen as the cornerstone of health of every individual, especially kids. As a Pediatric Dietitian, Dr Prabhjeet Kaur is one of the experienced nutritionist and has helped many parents so far . She believes nutrition is important at each stage of development in a child’s life to set up the strong foundation. Improving child nutrition in the modern lifestyles not only improves the physical health of a child, but it can also have a huge impact on a country’s education attainment, risk of disease and even the income of a country.

So, if you are confused about what foods are best for your child or just want some advice generally, we can help you make the right decisions. Dr Prabhjeet Kaur is enthusiastic about promoting evidence-based, accurate and reliable information to the parents about pediatric nutrition. She can make an impact on health and nutrition for the whole population, as well as future generations. So, whatever your needs, whether you require a nutritional speaker, nutritional consultations for your child, she can guide you to keep your child happy and healthy.

The overall aim of the Child Care Mohali is to provide specialist nutritional assessment, treatment and advice to the parents. We can cater to the following needs:

  • Oral nutrition support
  • Enteral nutrition support
  • Parenteral nutrition support

How Can Child Care Mohali Help You?

We can help you keep your child healthy, supporting you with practical, day-to-day strategies to address challenges. All our work is based on the most up to date science and nutrition research. Book an appointment today for more information.